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Chatting with ChatGPT

The speaker stated that as facts emerged in mediation, we would be able on the spot to turn to Artificial Intelligence for a case evaluation.
Uh, no.

Biased? Who, me?

One way the mediator helps parties reach settlement is to avoid the influence of implicit biases on the negotiation.

Get These Extras Only in Mediation

Settling allows a flexibility in the terms of resolution that cannot be achieved in litigation. A willingness of any party to consider such terms can help get parties to settlement quicker.

How Inflation Affects Your Settlement

Prices keep going up for just about every component of expense, including housing, groceries, and medical care. The figure at which your claim will settle is also subject to inflationary pressure. Medical expenses and wages are significant factors in settlement value calculations. Medical Expense The June 2023 issue of Business Insurance included an article about […]

Are You Really Ready for Mediation?

Make sure these components are in place: Who will attend the mediation? This should include the person who holds and can modify the authority. That’s the person holding the purse strings on the defense side and important advisors to the claimant, such as a spouse or adult child. Telephone standby is not good enough. The […]

Get Your Kryptonite Ready

A strawman argument might concentrate on something that hasn’t or will never happen or use circular reasoning. In contrast, steelman arguments present the strongest version of your opponent’s case.

Aftermath of the Big Verdict

Decades ago, I worked on a massive product liability case. I was involved on the coverage side rather than the case in chief. Defend, No Matter What The case was national in scope, with hundreds of claims. The manufacturer was in charge of the defense strategy, which was to not give an inch. Its carrier […]

Inflation Reduction Act Update

Will the Inflation Reduction Act affect your settlement? A prior post discussed that possibility. A year later, there are developments The First Drug Designation The Department of Health and Human Services has named the first ten drugs to be subject to negotiation. The chosen drugs represent about 20% of total Part D annual spending, fifty […]